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Body Meditation

Body meditation is a self-care technique designed to help you reconnect, to find comfort and balance. There are many types of meditation, but this particular method will not only focus on the breath, but also on how to focus and find clarity and healing in the mind and body. Within a few minutes you will experience a shift in your system as you settle into your parasympathetic nervous system; the state of rest and digest, and also where your brain starts to access its theta brain wave frequency.

As you learn to access healing from within, with intention, focus, and gentle positioning (and sometimes slight movements which increase comfort and ease), your body will naturally do the rest, letting go of trauma and reestablishing health and vitality to your brilliant system.

Prepare yourself for a healing journey which will access all pain and discomfort, tension and stress, chronic or acute symptoms of dysfunction throughout the body. Body Meditation is a self-care remedy, guided by Charity through meditative breath, Ortho-Bionomy® principles and reflexes, and anatomical visualization. Using 396Hz to 852Hz sound to match a healing frequency within the brain and body.

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