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Charity Keyes

Charity Keyes is a vivacious single mom raising her family of four boys while setting up the first Ortho-Bionomy® practice in the Lake Oswego area.  Leading an active lifestyle as a charming, focused and driven professional, she is very involved in her community.

Charity was raised with 9 siblings all over the West Coast from urban Southern California to rural Northern Washington. Growing up, she was a voracious reader of modern and natural medical texts feeding her life-long quest for knowledge concerning the human body.

A debilitating accident in her youth first exposed her to the effectiveness of the range of treatment regimens available and led to her embrace of the healing potential of Ortho-Bionomy®.

Her concentrated coursework and graduation from the prestigious Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy® Center in Denver, Colorado has provided her the wonderful opportunity to make her passion her profession.

Charity Keyes believes that healthful living is the best way to care for the body.

About Us

OB Body is a holistic private practice and studio, we provide three separate services at this time, each of which we believe and hope will change your health in a harmonizing and profound way.

The vision and manifestation of our studio and what we do has been inspired by Charity’s undying love for perfect health and the constant desire to not only seek out powerful healing modalities, but to implement and use them in her daily life. As an expression of gratitude for what she has found remarkably life altering, she is dedicated whole-heartedly to sharing her knowledge expertise and talent with as many people as possible.

Here are the principles of OB and what we strive to live by:

• Follow ease – move away from pain
• Less is more
• Honor what arises
• Stay in right relationship – meet people where they are
• Maintain your own energy while connecting to another
• Non-force – go with the flow
• Re-education & self-recognition leads to healing
• Working with the body vs. working “on” the body

What you will find:

An opportunity to receive a one on one 60-minute Ortho Bionomy session, which can be both healing and therapeutic to your body and nervous system.

Your body’s dream come true, join us for our group 60-minute Essentrics workout, a 650-muscle strengthening and stretch routine.

Embrace your brilliance through our 60-minute guided Body Meditation series, a powerful tool for self-care and igniting a fire of healing from within

Our mission is to provide services with love and compassion, and the goal is to help create in you a healthy body, mind and spirit.



15110 Boones Ferry Rd.
Suite 350
Lake Oswego, OR. 97035


(503) 208-1944

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Monday : 9am-6pm
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Saturday: 9am-3pm

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